5 Suprising Facts About Yoga for Kids

Kids have stress too. 

Photo courtesy of Compleat KiDZ Pediatric Therapy


n the busy world of schoolwork, tests, peer pressure and competitive sports, yoga can have a calming influence and help kids cope. Getting started out young can lead to a lifetime of positive habits.

Pediatric yoga offers a variety of mental, emotional and physical benefits for children. Here's five reasons to get your kids to hit the mat, parents should join in too!

1. Yoga helps manage stress.

Stretching and striking yoga poses help relieve some of the tense muscles in your body, especially in the neck, back and shoulders. Also, with its focus on breathing and mindfulness, yoga also gives kids tools they can use to promote calmness and focus. Yoga can help kids deal with everyday challenges such as a test or social anxiety.

Photo courtesy of Compleat KiDZ Pediatric Therapy


2. Yoga increases self-confidence.

All ages, sizes and abilities can participate in yoga. Unlike sports, kids don’t have to worry about competition, making the team or “losing” in front of family or friends. Yoga is for everyone regardless of fitness level.

3. Yoga improves physical health.

As kids learn various poses, yoga helps with balance, flexibility, strength and coordination. The American Osteopathic Association lists a variety of physical benefits including improved respiration, weight reduction and improved cardio and circulatory health.

4. Yoga helps kids be present.

Tweens and teens are too often engaged with electronics and spend too much time staring at screens in a world dominated by social media, group chats and text messages. Yoga offers an escape from screen time and helps kids learn the importance of carving out device-free time.

5. Yoga helps kids focus.

The meditation, breathing and mindfulness exercises of yoga can lead to increased concentration and mental clarity.

For years, adults have experienced the positive results from yoga including reduced anxiety and increased well-being. But as the trend grows for pediatric yoga, parents are also discovering the same benefits for kids and that yoga is a great way to have a positive impact on children.

About Compleat KiDZ: Compleat KiDZ offers Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy as a coordinated multi-disciplined approach to Pediatric Rehabilitation. We create a nurturing learning experience for every child, promoting key aspects of their development: Self-esteem, Independence, Creativity, and Problem-solving. Our therapists collaborate closely with teachers, caregivers, and family members to set relevant goals and determine therapeutic techniques that ensure each child’s success. 

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